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I tell all my clients to send regular content emails. It's by far the best way to bond with your audience.


This isn't just talk — I walk the walk, too. I have my own email list. I mail it once a week.


I keep an archive of those emails on the page you're reading right now. So if you want to get a sense of my writing style, or peek into my brain, read on.


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One cold morning in January, I walked into the Omni Hotel in Austin, Texas. 

My teeth were chattering. Partially because it was cold.


But also, because I was about to meet some famous people.


I was going to an email marketing conference. It was a small event — fewer than 30 people showed up. 

And some of those <30 people were bigshots in the marketing world.


For example:

  • Ian Stanley was there.

  • Liss Graham (who runs one of the world’s top email marketing agencies) was there.

  • Clickfunnels’s top email copywriter (who reports directly to Russell Brunson) was there.

  • And Justin Goff (the co-founder of Copy Accelerator, who today makes $50K/month by sending one email to his list per day), ran the event.

When I got there, I noticed something funny:


All these “bigshots” were paying deference to someone I had never heard of before.


No, they weren’t kissing his hand, Godfather-style… but they might as well have been.


The other bigshots had to prepare their presentation in advance, with slides and everything. But the “godfather” didn't have to bother. 

He spent 90 minutes getting interviewed by Justin Goff. (After which Goff thanked him profusely for being so generous with his time.)


The conference lasted 2 days. All the other bigshots stayed both days, even if they were only presenting on Day 1. Except the “godfather”, who skipped out after he finished his interview.


Who’s the “godfather”? He’s a man called Mike Geary. He lives in his giant mansion in Utah, and he goes skiing every time it snows.


“I never miss a powder day,” he told us.


“You’re missing a powder day today!” someone said. (Geary grumbled a bit, as if to say, “yeah, don’t remind me.”)


Geary only works an hour a day — if he feels like it.


He doesn’t get on work calls — ever.


And his businesses put $10 million a year in his pocket.


How did he get so rich?


Well, at the conference, people asked him what his business philosophy was.


And here’s what he said:


“Build your email list, and sell them stuff.”


Nothing fancy — just build an email list, and then sell to it.


When you boil it down, that’s what an online business is. It’s people who pay attention to you. And it’s stuff to sell them.


So if you want to build a million dollar business, you just need to follow 3 steps:


1.     Grow your audience.

2.     Nurture them.

3.     Sell them stuff.


And the beauty is, Mike Geary doesn’t even do that stuff himself anymore.


He hires good copywriters to do that for him.


So today, he can hit the slopes… instead of grinding at his computer screen all day.


If you want someone else to create your content for you, reach out to me.


I’ll write daily emails for you. (In your brand voice.) So you can build a relationship with your audience, without actually doing any work.


And I’ll write sales emails for you. So you can get high-ticket clients, grow your business, and get a little closer to affording that big mansion you’ve always dreamed of.


If you wanna hear more, just reply to this email.




This is what a $3,000 sale looks like:


August 2021, New York: I open up my email. A copywriter I follow is talking up another copywriter named John Bejakovic.


“This guy’s got some really interesting stuff to say,” he says. “You should subscribe to his email list.”


Alright, I say to myself. I’m looking for more copywriters to study. So I subscribe.


February 2023, Bangkok: I’ve been reading John’s daily emails on and off for the past 18 months. At the end of every one of his emails, he promotes one of his courses. I have never bought one of them.


Now, he’s raising the price of his flagship copywriting course.


Well, I’ve been meaning to sharpen my copy skills for a while, I say to myself. And this course sounds really good. I’d better buy it now. 


So I buy it.


January 2024, Los Cabos: I get another email from John. He’s offering a newsletter coaching program for $3,000.


I’ve wanted to start a newsletter for a while, I say to myself. And I know John’s pretty good at the “making money sending emails” thing.


So I sign up.


This is how high-ticket coaching sales usually works. Somebody enters your orbit. They passively consume your content for a few months, or a year, or maybe even 2 years.


Once they reaaaaaaaaaally get to know you, then they’re ready to pay you big money.


There’s this business school statistic that you need to hear from a company 20 times before you’re comfortable buying from them.


If you sell high-ticket info products, it’s probably more like 200 times.


The good news is, after you “touch” someone enough times, they’ll get comfortable with you. Then, they won’t be so squeamish about buying from you anymore.


Psychologists call this the “mere exposure effect”. Basically, the more times you see something, the more you grow to like it.


It probably dates back to when we were hunter-gatherers on the plains of Africa, working our butts off to survive. If you saw something over and over again and it didn’t kill you, maim you, or poison you, then it was probably safe.


So if you want people to know you’re safe, show up on their computer screen. Over and over again.


Show up in their Instagram feeds. Show up in their Facebook notifications. Show up in their YouTube feeds. Show up in their podcast app. Show up in their inboxes.


Keep showing up, and little by little, your business will grow.





P.S. Want some help showing up in front of people every day? Send me a reply.

This simple exercise is like getting $2,000 of coaching for free.

It's not quite as good as actually talking to somebody, of course. But instead of costing thousands, it costs $0.

And, you can do it in just 10 minutes.

Here's the exercise:

First, pick your favorite influencer.

This can be anyone — Oprah, Gary Vee, me — as long as you have a pretty good sense of their philosophy.

Now, pretend you're them for a second.

And "audit" your business (or your life) through their eyes.

What advice would they give you?

So for example, let's say I wanted to do "coaching" with Elon Musk.

He would probably tell me to make my product better.

Tesla doesn't spend any money on advertising. They just make really freakin' good cars. It works.

On the same note, if I want to build my freelance business, I should focus on writing really good copy for my clients, getting them awesome results, and making them happy.


Why does this work? Because sometimes, part of you already knows what you need to do.

You just gotta remind yourself.


P.S. If you do this exercise, and your big revelation is that you need to email your list more often, create more content, spend less time creating content, delegate more, or get better sales copywriting, feel free to get in touch with me. :)

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