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What I Do

#1: Sales Pages/VSL's

What I'll do: I will build you a longform sales page or VSL script. 

This will convince your subscribers to sign up for one of your paying programs.

This is for you if:
● You already have an audience.
● You're about to launch a new course.

● You have an evergreen course.
● You want more sales.

#2: Email Marketing

What I’ll Do: I will send daily content emails to your list. This will help you build your relationship with them. Then down the road, they'll turn into paying customers.

I’ll also write you several sequences of “flow” emails — like, welcome emails for when your lead first subscribes, abandoned cart emails for when your lead almost buys a course, upsell emails for when your lead buys a course... you get the point.

If you have an email list and you're not emailing it regularly, I highly recommend hiring someone to send emails for you. Otherwise you're leaving tons of money on the table.

This is for you if:
● You have an email list of 2,000+ people.
● You've got a decent-sized audience, but you're struggling to convert that audience into paying customers.
● You’re sending bad emails.

● You're not sending emails at all!

#3: Facebook Ads

What I’ll Do: I will write you several Facebook ads. Then I will manage them, test
them, tweak them, and improve them.

This will help you get more people onto your email list. It can also help you sell courses to people you already know.  

(If you want, we can try other ad platforms like YouTube or TikTok. Sometimes these work better.)

This is for you if:
● You’re trying to grow your audience.
● You’re promoting a course to your existing followers.
● You’re willing to spend a few bucks on ads.

“I’m Not Sure What I Need, Exactly”

If you need help with marketing and you're not sure where to begin, drop me a line. I'll go over everything your business is doing and give you a roadmap for moving forward — for free.

Let's Chat
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