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The "godfather" of internet marketing (all the other gurus envy him!)

One cold morning in January, I walked into the Omni Hotel in Austin, Texas. 

My teeth were chattering. Partially because it was cold.


But also, because I was about to meet some famous people.


I was going to an email marketing conference. It was a small event — fewer than 30 people showed up. 

And some of those <30 people were bigshots in the marketing world.


For example:

  • Ian Stanley was there.

  • Liss Graham (who runs one of the world’s top email marketing agencies) was there.

  • Clickfunnels’s top email copywriter (who reports directly to Russell Brunson) was there.

  • And Justin Goff (the co-founder of Copy Accelerator, who today makes $50K/month by sending one email to his list per day), ran the event.

When I got there, I noticed something funny:


All these “bigshots” were paying deference to someone I had never heard of before.


No, they weren’t kissing his hand, Godfather-style… but they might as well have been.


The other bigshots had to prepare their presentation in advance, with slides and everything. But the “godfather” didn't have to bother. 

He spent 90 minutes getting interviewed by Justin Goff. (After which Goff thanked him profusely for being so generous with his time.)


The conference lasted 2 days. All the other bigshots stayed both days, even if they were only presenting on Day 1. Except the “godfather”, who skipped out after he finished his interview.


Who’s the “godfather”? He’s a man called Mike Geary. He lives in his giant mansion in Utah, and he goes skiing every time it snows.


“I never miss a powder day,” he told us.


“You’re missing a powder day today!” someone said. (Geary grumbled a bit, as if to say, “yeah, don’t remind me.”)


Geary only works an hour a day — if he feels like it.


He doesn’t get on work calls — ever.


And his businesses put $10 million a year in his pocket.


How did he get so rich?


Well, at the conference, people asked him what his business philosophy was.


And here’s what he said:


“Build your email list, and sell them stuff.”


Nothing fancy — just build an email list, and then sell to it.


When you boil it down, that’s what an online business is. It’s people who pay attention to you. And it’s stuff to sell them.


So if you want to build a million dollar business, you just need to follow 3 steps:


1.     Grow your audience.

2.     Nurture them.

3.     Sell them stuff.


And the beauty is, Mike Geary doesn’t even do that stuff himself anymore.


He hires good copywriters to do that for him.


So today, he can hit the slopes… instead of grinding at his computer screen all day.


If you want someone else to create your content for you, reach out to me.


I’ll write daily emails for you. (In your brand voice.) So you can build a relationship with your audience, without actually doing any work.


And I’ll write sales emails for you. So you can get high-ticket clients, grow your business, and get a little closer to affording that big mansion you’ve always dreamed of.


If you wanna hear more, just reply to this email.




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