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Marketing & the NBA

The NBA finals are going on right now, so here’s something weird I noticed about basketball.


That “something weird” has a lesson in it — take that lesson to heart, and you’ll make more money.


What’s the lesson? I’ll explain.


I watch more American football than basketball. In American football, you can’t run the same play twice — because once the defense knows it’s coming, they’ll know how to stop it.


So American football coaches call different plays all game long. They’ll call a run to the left, and then they’ll call a crossing route over the middle, and then they’ll call a screen pass, and then they’ll call a deep shot to the team’s fastest receiver.


Basketball coaches don’t really mix things up. They just give the ball to their best player and let him work his magic.


Defenses know it’s coming — but they still can’t stop it.


Some coaches and course creators feel like they’re supposed to play football. They feel like they need to be “original” or “fresh” all the time.


So they throw out the proven marketing tactics that worked for them earlier. And instead they do something new.


Marketers usually don’t need to do anything new. You should play basketball, not football. If something works for you every time you do it, keep doing it.


If you’ve sold marketing coaching programs in the fast, keep selling marketing coaching.


Or, if you’ve got a weightlifting course that sells really well, create another weightlifting course.


Same thing with your marketing. Look at what’s working, and double down on it.


If you always get lots of opens/clicks/engagement when you talk about Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, then talk about Taylor Swift and Katy Perry more often.


If your most-clicked Facebook ad talks about making $10K a month in 90 days, send some emails that talk about making $10K a month in 90 days.


You get the point.


If you just “play the hits”, you’ll make way more sales. And creating content will get easier, too — because you don’t have to come up with something original every day.





P.S. If creating content is still too hard for you — or you just want to make sure your next course launch goes right — send me a reply.

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